Offering a profound healing process for resilient adults, providing the deep-rooted physiological support you need from someone

who is as invested in your well-being as you are in others.

Trauma Therapy For Adults in Utah & Texas

Despite trying countless solutions, do the same challenges keep holding you back or feel like you are going in circles?

It’s time for a deeper approach.

At Clear Life Counseling, we specialize in Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART) — a powerful method that dives into your subconscious to heal core struggles and trauma.

You deserve it, and we're here to help.

Book a call with us today and start your journey toward a clearer, healthier, and more purposeful life.

Expertise and Empathy: Transformative Results with Proven Methods

With over 13 years of dedicated practice, I have conducted more than 500 successful processing sessions. Here’s what my clients have experienced:

83% reported total relief from their chosen trauma scene after just one session.

100% reported improved feelings after completing one trauma processing session.

Our approach offers a proven, effective, and evidence-based solution for deep-rooted challenges. Experience the transformative power of Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART) and start your journey to profound healing today.

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How to know if your past is showing up in your present..

and not in a good way

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Why Our Approach Works:

  • Quicker, Deeper, Permanent Shifts: When I started using different tools, clients experienced quicker, deeper, more permanent shifts in just a few sessions—results that would have taken months or years with traditional methods. It wasn’t about more effort; it was about using a physiological approach that goes beyond conscious mind solutions. This approach is scientifically proven to work with your body's natural processes for real, lasting change.

  • Extended Sessions: Clients were open to stepping out of the traditional 50-minute sessions and taking the time needed to fully and effectively deal with deep, complex root issues. Extending therapy beyond 50 minutes allows deeper, core-level work, not just surface solutions. It's about giving your journey the time it deserves.

  • Specific Solutions for Specific Problems: We stopped working in generalities and got extremely specific about the problem. going deeper than symptoms, working from a whole timeline gathered at intake to discover patterns that span years or decades. We dig to the roots. Delving into unexplored emotional depths can be daunting, but this guided journey helps you safely navigate and shed unneeded layers, emerging stronger and more self-aware.

You may be thinking..

I've tried so many different things to "fix"me, and it feels good for a little bit but then it just comes back and even gets worse.

The truth is you may not have had all the tools accessible that you needed to get the depth of the change that you wanted.

Discover Your Path:

Intensives Unlocked

  • Harness Your Resilience: Your resilience is your greatest asset on this transformative journey. You already have the inner strength needed for profound change.

  • Achieve Lasting Transformation: Each intensive session is a powerful step towards the deep, lasting change you deserve. The tools and guidance are here, ready for you.

Don't settle for temporary fixes. Click the button below to schedule your Intensive and take control of your path to a healthier, more fulfilling life.


Meet Your Trusted Expert: An Intuitive Guide

I am a dedicated, solution focused, Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a passion for unlocking the potential in every individual. With a Master Certification in Accelerated Resolution Therapy, and Master Certified NLP Practitioner, my expertise lies in identifying and transforming the root patterns that keep people stuck. My obsession is with the nuances of personal change – witnessing the astonishing shift in those who have been in therapy for years and find significant relief after just a few completed processing session with me.

For over 13 years, I've worked in the mental health field, dedicating myself to understanding the depths of human psychology and effective therapeutic practices. My journey has been fueled by a desire to offer more than traditional therapy – to provide rapid, impactful change for clients in need of quick relief.

I've witnessed the limitations of conventional methods and knew my clients need quicker relief. This led me to intensive therapy – a method that accelerates the healing process, allowing for deeper, more significant progress in less time.

Why start now?

Delaying the resolution of deep-rooted issues comes at a high cost—to your mental health, relationships, and overall quality of life. Each day without addressing these core challenges means another day of feeling unfulfilled, dealing with overwhelming emotions, and struggling with strained personal connections.

It's time.


Premium Evening and VIP Weekend Slots

Designed for busy individuals, our premium evening and VIP weekend slots offer a focused, deep dive into your core issues, far beyond the surface-level work of traditional weekly therapy.

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